Great songs that echo the sound of old-time music emanate from Paonia, Colorado’s, Sweet Sunny South - and they keep audiences tapping to their rhythm, as they belt out their own special brand of bluegrass with traditional fiddle tunes, mandolin instrumentals, and classic vocals.

The band clusters around a single microphone, in an old-fashioned style, with various members taking front center positions
when they perform their own solos.

Their lively songs exude a wry wit, backed with solid musical artistry and tight vocal harmonies.

Their instrumental lineup includes Bill Powers on banjo and mandolin, who also writes most of the band’s original songs; Cory Obert, who joins in with his old-time fiddle interpretations, and Rob Miller whose tenor voice adds to the musical mix. Rob sings both lead and harmony. He also writes songs and plays rhythm guitar. Shelley Gray enriches band’s sound with her solid bass and spirited voice.

The band derives inspiration from Hank Williams, the father of contemporary country music, who in the forties and fifties established the rules for all the country performers - with his direct, emotional lyrics and vocals; and Bill Monroe, a Kentucky mandolin player and songwriter, whose influence on country music earned him the nickname, "The Father of Bluegrass."

Their music is also influenced by contemporary groups, such as, Old Crow Medicine Show, a group that spins traditional folk and bluegrass yarns with a rock and roll attitude, and by The Wilders, who are known for their old-timey string band sound that's combined with a vintage honky-tonk style.

Sweet Sunny South's first CD, Bell Creek Dance Club, released in June 2004, received a positive response from fans. It was followed by their next CD, Wild-n- Swingin' , released in June 2005.

Traveling extensively, the group is becoming well known throughout Colorado, performing at festivals and other events. This year they have performances scheduled in Kansas, Washington, Wyoming, New Mexico, California and West Virginia - as they expand their musical influence.

Sweet Sunny South is getting good reviews and receiving lots of airplay on bluegrass radio shows around the country and they have an internet presence on their own site and on



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