Named after Newton's Third Law, which states that, "to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction," 3rd Law Dance/Theater performs original, full-length, narratively-structured pieces that are - according to its website, “subtly subversive and provocative.” The theater’s artistry has been described by its audiences as, “startling, seamless, surprising and unexpected.” 3rd Law is a resident organization at The Dairy Center for the Arts in Boulder, Colorado.

The artistic vision of the dance company’s co- directors, Katie Elliott, choreographer, and Jim LaVita, a social sciences professor at the University of Denver - is to, “create a magical space for audiences - that will transport them for the evening to a place outside of space and time.” Elliott and LaVita noted that , “the company addresses serious subject matter with a witty and droll style to create a unique and exciting brand of performance.” Theatrical excitement is achieved through the use of dramatic soundscapes and moving imagery mixed with thoughtful and engaging narration. Visual excitement is amplied with vivid, imaginative costuming and special lighting effects. The dancers perform their fascinating, mesmerizing movements with athletic precision and dramatic gestures.

3rd Law’s performance themes have addressed issues of migration, age, faith, tradition, and personal psychology.

Among the company’s repertoire are, “The Clean Room,” which addresses the encroachment of technology into today’s lives, and, “Till We Wake,” based on the T.S.Eliot poem, "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock," which stresses the cultural and political similarities between the beginnings of the twentieth century and the opening of the twenty first. 3rd Law’s presentation of, “Lost in Place,” explores the loss of sense of place in today’s society. Another theme, “Bread & Salt,” played free will against custom and tradition to expose clashes in cultural life. Other works the group has performed have focused on chance and fate and probed life’s unpredictability.

3rd Law is supported by grants from The Denver Foundation, the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District (Boulder Cultural Council and Jefferson County Cultural Council), Denver Ballet Guild, the Colorado Council of the Arts (Artist Recognition Award), by corporate funding (principal concert support from Paradigm Nouveau Enterprises) and by contributions from individuals.

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